Protect your heirs !


Working as an investment advisor, day after day , you deal with different challenges. Challenges that may not be your own; your clients lives soon enough become as important as your own.

Their woes your woes, their joys your joys.

Very recently I was approached by a client of mine, in the middle of a  very unfortunate situation, his young sister ( aged 40) , lost her husband to a cardiac arrest on a Sunday afternoon when they were discussing post graduation plans for their single child their young daughter of 20.

While their lives turned topsy turvy in a few minutes,they approached us with help in organizing , planning the goals for the two ladies who’s lives changed so suddenly.

The things that were in place / process already:

– He had term insurance policies in place and the family had submitted the claims for the same.

– EPF – he  had a substantial EPF balance accumulated over 20 working years  ( nomination In place)

–  PPF –  He had a very old PPF account  ( nomination In place)

–  Fixed deposit- A fixed deposit with no nominee mentioned on it.

–  Accumulated Gratuity and Superannuation.

Fortunately for them, the company he worked with were swift in processing the EPF withdrawal and the final settlement amount.

We can never be sure enough, life is too uncertain , a few tips to manage your monies and ease woes if any for your claimants.

  • Nominations: Always have your nominees in place across all investments, ideally check if your nominees are updated across investments and in case of multiple nominees create a list to maintain a record for the same.  (if possible, have them informed at the time of nomination)
  • WILL – It’s never too early to have a WILL in place. Ideally this can be written a few years into your working life;the format to write a WILL is fairly simple and can be updated as and when required. An executor is required on the WILL along with 2 Witnessess, while it is preferred a WILL need not be registered.
  • TRUST- in case there is a special need , person in the family who cannot take care of themselves, a trust fund can be created to secure the requirements of this person.
  • List of Assets – Your heirs need to know what assets you posses, maintain a list of this across investments in one single place, bank pass books, insurance policy documents mutual fund statements etc
  • Contacts of your agents/ advisors – It is always recommended to get your spouse / family involved in managing your monies, get them in touch with your agents and advisors so in case of any unforeseen circumstance they know who to approach for help.



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