It’s the time of the year when our pens and note pads , smart phones are out putting down our resolutions. Losing weight, Putting on weight, Giving your car to service on time etc are some of the many we put down each year.

Over lunch this afternoon at TOIT ( to celebrate the last lunch of the year) , a friend suggested I put down and send people a list of resolutions . After cursing myself for not having thought about it myself , I decided to put this down as fresh as it was in my head.


I’ve tried to keep this as simple and comprehensive, for today is the 31st of December 2013, and time is limited 🙂

So here is my concise list of recommended Financial resolutions:

  1. Take a term insurance plan – the cheapest the most effective form of a life cover.
  2. Start liquid SIPs the day soon after salary day, begin a systematic investment into a liquid fund. This money is risk free and can be withdrawn at a 24 hours notice.
  3. Start planning for holiday expenses in advance – In case you have a holiday that is as close as 2 months away and upto 12 months away, liquid or debt fund SIPs can be started.
  4. Re- evaluate your health insurance cover Ideally an adult should have a cover of Rs 5L atleast. Re- evaluate your company provided as well as your personal health insurance cover.
  5. Don’t roll over your credit card and clear all debts on time.
  6. Save before spending!
  7. Understand/ Question your agent , advisor to understand if what is being sold to you actually suits your requirement
  8. Push the envelope – in case you already have been saving, save more that you had been in 2013.

most importantly!Wishing you a very very prosperous New Year!

Remember, ‘ talk about money’.


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